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  • 1) Rhythm
  • 2) Balance
  • 3) Posture
  • 4) Bounce
  • 5) Spins & Turns
  • 6) Vocabulary
  • 7) Flow of the Dance
  • 8) Movement (Lead / Follow skills)
  • 9) Self-Expression, Musicality, & Style
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Meet Michael and Evita

Michael Jagger and Evita Arce are internationally recognized Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz dancers who have traveled the world teaching since 2005. Originally mentored by Ryan Francois and Jenny Thomas, Michael and Evita take great pride in their lineage of this African American art form. Keeping a joyful spirit with earnest humility while always holding a deep appreciation for the dance and its cultural heritage, Evita and Michael pass on what they have learned directly from the masters before them, including the Ambassador of Swing, Frankie Manning, the Queen of Swing, Norma Miller and the treasured Jewel of New York City, Dawn Hampton. Michael and Evita have offered online teaching since 2015 and continue to keep their global members engaged with new material, live sessions, and a comprehensive curriculum.

A few exciting highlights from their career include dancing in the Broadway show SWING! for multiple tours, competing on So You Think You Can Dance (2007), being featured Lindy Hoppers for Jazz at Lincoln Center, several TV commercials, and debuting a Lindy Hop dance company at Jacob's Pillow "Inside Out Stage" (2012).

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