A Quick User’s Guide to Navigating the Courses

  • You Can Either Follow the Roadmap or Choose Your Own Path

    • By Topic – Choosing your own path
      • Click on any of the Course topics, and you’ll see a list of the moves we offer in that subject. From there, choose any individual lesson of interest.
      • Keep in mind that each course is organized to be progressive, but if you want to jump around, it’s ok.
    • By Level – Follow the Roadmap
      • Follow the sequence of lessons in each level in the roadmap.  This will give you a sense for what Michael and Evita believe are the essential elements at each specific level.
      • This can be very useful when trying to assess your level for workshops.
  • Your progress is automatically tracked

    1. The status of a viewed video receives a green check mark.
    2. The progress bar at the top right begins to fill in, indicating your progress in that specific course.
    3. The title of each watched video in the list is crossed off.