Hello SunHoppers!  Thank you again so very much for inviting me to teach you for 3 weeks!SunHoppers class

On this page you will find all the video break downs and review for my routine to “Waiting For The Champagne” by Johnny Hodges.

I hope it’s helpful and makes sense.  It would be great to stay in touch with all of you and if you are ever interested in Membership at Syncopated City I highly encourage you to try it out.  A monthly Membership is only $25 and you can cancel any time.  We have so many lessons for solo movement and solo Jazz, as well as an extensive Lindy Hop series.

If you have any questions please write me. I hope you can join us.

Again, many thanks for your support and continued interest.




Video 1: Riff Section A

Video 2: Riff Section B

Video 3: Formula A + B sections

Video 4: Tenor Sax Solo part 1

Video 5: Tenor Sax Solo part 2

Video 6: The Full Routine with Music!

(Don’t forget to watch videos 7, 8, 9 to completely learn the routine)

Video 7: Xylophone Foot work

Video 8:  Camel Walks

Video 9: Suzie Q’s + Charleston