We hope you enjoy watching this relaxed, social demo at the end of class. This was from “Lil’ Rhody Big Swing Out” an event in Providence, Rhode Island in April 2018. Evita and Michael were teaching as a trio along with LaTasha Barnes who you may hear in the background shouting out love. This class worked on a rhythmic variation on a Tuck Turn, we sometimes call a “French Cut” for the Follows footwork. We also use a Sweetheart position with a spin moving down the line. But the main focus of class was inserting shuffles into our kicks. You’ll see several examples of kick ball change that include a tap like shuffle to get more rhythm. You can tell we really just enjoyed dancing to this beautiful song. “My Baby Just Cares For Me” by Nina Simone.


Find the video here: https://syncopatedcity.com/combo-23/