*Please film yourself for at least 30 seconds when doing each exercises.

*Once you’ve completed filming yourself doing each exercise, upload your videos in the Forum thread titled, “Beginner Certificate Submissions.”  

*Be sure to include your name and the exercise on each video.  

*Your videos for the Musicality portion should be separate from your “Beginner Routine” video.

*For each of these questions you’ll be doing the exercises to music, so please make sure the song is audible in your video recording. You may use any song you like, and we recommend easy to moderate tempos. If you don’t have a song you would prefer to dance to, we have offered a few suggestions below.

Song Suggestions:

“B – I, Bi” by Will Bradley & his Orchestra

“Apollo Jump” by Lucky Millinder Orchestra

“Get Ready” by Johnny Hodges


1. Finding the “1”:

Using a song of your choice or one from our list of suggestions, clap on the 1.


2. Swing Outs on different counts:

  Demonstrate your ability to start a swing out at different points in the music. For this exercise, show us a swing out that starts on count 1, then on 3, then on 5 and finally on 7.

  We’d like to see you and your partner dance two versions for each starting count – first without music, so you’ll only be counting aloud. Then, turn on a slow-to-medium tempo song and do the same thing with the corresponding starting count. For both versions, please execute at least four (4) swing outs so that we may best evaluate your comprehension of the task.