*Please film yourself for at least 30 seconds when doing each exercises.

*Once you’ve completed filming yourself doing each exercise, upload your videos in the Forum thread titled, “Fundamentals Certificate Submissions.”  

*Be sure to include your name and the exercise on each video.  

*Your videos for the Musicality portion should be separate from your “Fundamentals Routine” video.

*For questions #2 and #3 , you’ll be doing the exercises to music, so please make sure the song is audible in your video recording. You may use any song you like, and we recommend easy to moderate tempos. If you don’t have a song you would prefer to dance to, we have offered a few suggestions below.

Song Suggestions :

“Potato Chips” by Slim Gaillard from Slim Gaillard: Laughing in Rhythm – The Best of the Verve Years

“It Don’t Mean A Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)” by Duke Ellington from Caravan (Disc 1/2) 1945

“Don’t You Miss Your Baby?” by Count Basie and His Orchestra from The Best of Early Basie 


1. Using a metronome (or metronome app), demonstrate your ability to perform the Step-Clap/Step-Snap exercise at tempos of:

– 120 BPMs

– 180 BPMs

– 220 BPMs

2. Even-beat Challenge:

Using a song of your choice or one from our list of suggestions, Step-Clap to music.

3. Finding the Beat:

Using a song of your choice or one from our list of suggestions, clap on every beat.