Courses that will help you with Flow of the Dance

You’ll learn three basic ways to do the Swing Out and variations on each of those basics.  We explain what happens at the end of a Swing Out and how to prepare for the next move.  Further, we offer a video demonstration of us dancing each of the steps to give you a better sense for how we string moves together which shows the flow of the dance.


Along with getting a good foundations vocabulary, you should look at our Lead & Follow lessons to learn how we transition between moves…essentially the glue that connects ideas.  We also offer a demonstration to music so that you can see how we dance these ideas.

We use Circles for many reasons, but at its core, the basic Lindy Circle allows us to seamlessly flow between 6- and 8-count patterns.  Transitioning between patterns with a sense of curve creates a dance that is smooth and effortless.  You will also see that Circles demonstrate a very clear moment of honoring the flow and setting up for new directions in the dance.