In rehearsal the other day, I was speaking to the cast about the stylistic evolution of Lindy Hop from the Savoy Ballroom, its transition to Hollywood and the west coast in the 30’s and 40s, and then into the resurgence during the 80s up to the present.

In sharing various clips to provide context for how the dance has looked throughout the decades, I stumbled upon two of my favorite dancers of the modern era – David Dalmo and Åsa Rickardsson.


What I love about David and Åsa’s dancing is that along with their clear sense of rhythm and connection, they choose unexpected patterns and figures that make them unique among the homogeny that is more common today. When you watch this clip see how many times they surprises you with a move or turn. Notice how the routine starts on count 8 with a kick ball change (crazy). What moves do they do that look similar, yet so different, from ones that you’ve learned?

I took my first class with David in Herräng 2010 (Evita was with me in class), where he taught the first two 8s from this performance at Leapin’ Lindy ’11 in an advanced Lindy Hop class. Needless to say, it challenged all of us, and Evita and I struggled when filming ourselves for the recap. Eventually, we got the move down pat and even taught it as a special workshop for our members at Syncopated City.

I hope you enjoy a little Lindy inspiration, and let us know in the comments who you like to watch for inspiration!

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