A Swing Footwork Routine!

January 22nd, 2021
5:30pm – 7:30pm EST

Join us for our first workshop in 2021, where we will teach a fresh, fun and easy routine that utilizes all different kinds of footwork basics. It’s meant to be a Practice routine that will strengthen your stamina and rhythm, but we promise it will also satisfy you in the way a solo Jazz routine would. You can use it as a warmup, teach it to friends, or use it like a line dance. Join us for this 2-hour workshop on Zoom, where you will learn the whole routine, and by the end, your swing rhythm will be glorious!

“Members don’t actually have to do anything more that RSVP in the forum thread. As a Member the workshop is free for you. The “Registration” button for the workshop is mainly for people who are not yet members so they can join in.

Here’s the link to the sign up forum: https://syncopatedcity.com/forum/mini-member-workshops/january-2021-swing-footwork-workshop-sign-up/

Find more about the workshop at this page: https://syncopatedcity.com/workshops/